Sustainable Blue Energy
in the Mediterranean.


Within the framework of Priority Axis 1 of Interreg MED 2014-2020 Programme, the MAESTRALE Project aims to lay the foundations for a strategy for the deployment of marine renewable energy in the Mediterranean area.

The European Commission has highlighted the potential of marine renewable energy as a new driving force of EU economy, able to generate growth and jobs, secure energy supply and enhance competitiveness. Nonetheless, Blue Energy use in the Mediterranean basin is still in an embryonic phase. To close this gap, MAESTRALE intends to identify the Blue Energy potential in participating Countries, according to their physical, legal, technological, socio-economic and environmental contexts.

Based on a survey of existing and innovative technologies, barriers and potentials, MAESTRALE aims to broaden knowledge-sharing among scientists, policy makers, entrepreneurs and citizens, and to foster measures and investments for Blue Growth.


The MAESTRALE database gathers together existing data collections provided by project partners, and provides access to open geographical data on Blue Energy potential, with the purpose to provide a reliable and up-to-date informative support to decision-makers and investors, setting the basis for the development of Blue Energy initiatives in the involved regions. Drawing on existing platforms and data collections, the MAESTRALE database aims at upgrading existing knowledge regarding the state of the art of Blue Energy and its development potential in the MED area.

Other projects


    The webGIS created by the EU-funded FP7 project “Off-shore Renewable Energy Conversion platforms – Coordination Action – ORECCA.

  • Waves Energy

    The webGIS on wave energy potential designed by ENEA (the Italian National research body on energy matters).



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